My philosophy is exploring your everyday concerns and creating a unique plan with you on how best to incorporate healthy choices for your desired, long-term, feel good mind, body and spirit.  Officially, I’m an experienced, certified yoga, qigong and reiki/full spectrum energy practitioner, cranial sacral therapist, and thai foot reflexologist with a strong connection with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  BUT, really I’ll inspire you with:

  • tools to take control of your health
  • teach you to learn and listen to messages from your body, and
  • explore ways to grow inside and out.

I love what I do because it allows people  just like you to live a life filled with energy and tools to balance your life. In short, I’m the teacher/guide you have been searching for but never found.  When we work together either privately or in a class setting you may expect:

  • a new perspective
  • honest, clear communication
  • a new understanding of how all parts of your life impact your health as a whole
  • get to know the healer within

The main principle is that YOU  know yourself better than anyone.  I’ll listen to you and you can say anything.  If you get stuck (we all do sometimes) – I’ll bring it to your attention (in a nice way) so you continue to move forward.  In exchange, here’s what I’ll ask of you:

  • that you’re committed to your own health and healing
  • that you understand that it’s within your power to be as healthy as you want to be
  • that you honor where you are and have fun

Simply put, you will be empowered with tools that blend Traditional Chinese Medicine with yoga, meditation, acupressure, energetic work and qigong for  a unique approach to balance body, mind and spirit  – all of which you will learn and be able to store in your own toolbox for life’s moments of bliss and challenges.   At the root, I’m a teacher at heart and  welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Use the Contact page to keep in touch.


Certified Qigong Instructor

 Staff Qigong and Yoga Teacher – Omega Institute, NY 

Corporate Wellness Programs participation includes:

  • King Arthur Flour, VT
  • Kendall at Hanover, NH
  • Thrive Program, Dartmouth College, NH

Experienced Yoga Teacher, eRYT with specialty studies in:

  • Rest and Renew Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga

Reiki Master Teacher, RMT

Study of Oriental Theory/Traditional Chinese Medicine/Meridians/Acupressure

Thai Foot Reflexology

Cranial Sacral Therapy I and II

Graduate of the Rhys Thomas Institute – Full Spectrum Energy Healer

Director, Information Technology, Healthcare Administration, SSH,  MA