More about qigong and yoga

Qigong is a way of being.

Qigong – Mondays,  10-11am @ The Yoga Depot, 17 Depot Square, Lexington, MA 02420  – call 781.372.1000 to register or drop in.

Qigong – Wednesdays, 10-11am @ The Arlington Center, 369 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02747 – 781-316-0282



TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW:  Points • Pathways • Poses

In this workshop, you will learn about points, pathways and poses and activate and accelerate the body’s self-healing powers.  With a written guide, you will use techniques and poses relating to the pathways/meridians (12 major) to release internal blockages and free up the flow of energy and we will integrate essential oils to support your body.  When energy flows freely along these pathways, we feel a sense of well-being, happiness, and good health.

Join me as we take control of our health and explore ways to reduce health concerns, including the common cold, sleep issues, stress, poor digestion, chronic pain and join problems.

Location: Orford NH

Date:  November 24, 2018