Our bodies need to move to stay healthy. Qigong may be done by anyone, at any fitness level and age and there is no special equipment needed.  With a consistent practice, results show that we feel calm, rejuvenated and peaceful.  Benefits you may expect to see:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced wrist, elbow and chronic pain
  • Relief of mental tiredness and eye strain
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and irritability
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased energy and creativity


  • save on healthcare costs
  • increased productivity
  • health insurance may cover service
  • happier employees



Classes and Workshops:

Engage employees on a continual basis with a variety of wellness classes and workshops.  Information will be provided so employees may learn ways to heal, reduce stress and prevent illness.  We will also “mix it up” so employees are engaged.

Wellness Events:

Pampering employees with a variety of wellness events is something they will remember.  Activities may include private, one on one Thai Foot Reflexology or Reiki sessions.

Finding time to enjoy quiet, stillness and touch are a gem that we often forget to do.  Allowing time for people to nurture themselves is a precious gift.


We provide health education on a continual basis focused on balance, good habits and a healthy lifestyle.  Education includes, but is not limited to mindful eating, physical activity, stress management and preventative health.

Weekly blogs can be provided on anything from ways to boost office morale, ways to get active, meditation made easy and more.