Check out these simple quick ways to raise your vibration, activate qi flow, loosen your joints, generates new cell growth and let go of worry and stress.  The goal is to relax and gently shake allowing body to relax from top of head to tips of toes.  By relaxing into this shaking practice for 3-5 minutes you will feel more energy/qi through your joints and add in the art of smiling and you lowers blood pressure, boosts your mood and releases endorphins which just make us happy.  This feels a little silly at first so stick with it. Take 30-60 seconds when your finish to FEEL YOUR QI  by observing the buzzing and tingling circling through your body.  This is your qi which continuously moves and by doing this practice you have released stagnation and jump-started your energy so you feel more alive and vibrant.

Stand in basic qigong stance:  feet shoulder distance apart and planted, arms at side, gently shake hands by moving at wrists.  Increase shaking t o lower arms (moving at elbows and then increase to whole arm).  Add waist, upper back and then legs.  Gently bounce on heels (as this vibration helps with bone growth) and reflect on where you are may let go and loosen up and relax.  Add in a smile or two and move.  Slowly come to stillness.

Practice daily.