To prepare for this meditation: reiki for peace and balance, find a comfortable position allowing your entire body to relax.  Gently close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath and exhale slowly.  Imagine the energy of heaven above you, becoming aware of the light streaming  through the crown of your head and down your whole body and out your feet into the earth.  Continue breathing slowly for a few breaths noticing how this feels.

Now imagine earth energy flowing up through the center of the soles of your feet and up the body and out the crown of your head towards the heavens.  Inhale and see the strong earth energy flowing up to sky.  Continue to breathe slowly noticing how this feels.

Observe the connection with heaven and earth and notice how soothing it is to be surrounded with both energies balancing the yin and yang flow through and around you.

Feel the beautiful space of compassion, balance, peace and healing.  Take a few minutes to set a personal intention for yourself and continue to breathe slowly while relaxing in this reiki energy.  Thank yourself for choosing to meditate in this heart space of love and compassion.

When you are ready, take a nice deep breath and slowly open your eyes and smile.  Smiling releases endorphins which reduces worry, lowers blood pressure and makes us feel happy.