My amazing clients are the reason I love what I do. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about  me:

Thank you Maryellen! Everyone I spoke with LOVED the class!! – Lenore (Corporate Wellness)

“I came in feeling like Humpty Dumpty and left feeling all put together again.”  – H.

“You have changed my life forever!” – Heidi

“Thank you Maryellen! I am really lucky to have you in this area – far from any cities – as a teacher.” – Eric

“I enjoyed our qigong session this morning and appreciated your expertise and modesty. I was astounded, later in the day, to discover that I was more relaxed than I have been in a long time. I am working through delayed grieving…” – Anne

“I was delighted I took your classes at Omega.  Thank you so much.  Meeting you was a high point of my stay.  You are a bright, shining spirit!” – Arnie

Qigong affirms the way my body knows and wants to flow. I experience mental, physical and emotional balance during my practice. My mind quiets, my breath deepens and tension disappears. I smile more and I feel this has taught me patience and a deeper compassion for others. In this busy, loud time, I cherish the serenity and peace that qigong has brought me.”  -Sue