Rose quartz is a healing stone for the heart and soothing emotions.  The rose quartz has a gentle, nurturing energy.  Working with this stone for self love and acceptance has many benefits and allows us to be in touch with our true, authentic self.  This stone helps us go deep within and open the heart chakra to give and receive love.

As we become more aware of our true feelings and the range which goes from dark to light, knowing and accepting them helps with personal growth.  We need to recognize that the “good girl or boy”  has a very normal dark side too.  Journalling the “likes” about myself was fun for a bit and then I found a few of my dark side “likes” too and it felt freeing.  I may not want to share this side of me right now and maybe, just maybe, others already know some of my darker thoughts (I have a face that tells just what I’m thinking sometimes).  Feeling  instead of dismissing or stuffing my emotions is much easier than I thought.  When emotions come up, I take a deep breath and release with a big sigh out.  I feel my heart and body soften.

I have always heard that the rose quartz helps open to self-love and then once that happens, it is easier to love others.   The rose quartz is available in many sizes and shapes and can be found in jewelry also.  Rose quartz is used during Reiki sessions for it soothing energy for calming emotional energy.