Good vibrations, sweet sensations – sounds like a song . . . and, of course, it is.  I think of dancing and singing and immediately I feel a smile form.  It’s happiness and fun energy swirling and pulsing through our bodies.  Energetically, music, singing, dancing are all ways to stimulate energy flow in our physical bodies and mind.  Often I hear or read that these simple acts help us to feel better, to lift our spirits and so it does.   Of course, it goes without saying that keeping your energy field clear means good, personal hygiene (clean clothes, teeth, daily shower etc.).  To nurture your own well-being, it is important to understand what zaps your energy or qi. Here are  six common ideas to raise your vibration.

  1. Food:   Medicine is food and is now common knowledge so focus on organic foods, grains and drink lots of water to maintain your health.
  2. Sound:   Your energy field is impacted by sound.  Healing nature sounds or crystal bowls will balance your energy, while heavy, negative music will disrupt your energies. Choose inspiring music when possible.
  3. Environment:  Freshen your home and workspace often.  When you can, open windows and let light and fresh air in.  Using a diffuser and adding essential oils, like lemon or peppermint, are uplifting and clear the atmosphere.  Another way is to sage your home routinely.  Clear out clutter and only keep items that you love.
  4. Movement:  When we move, our energy is in flow; “couch potato” mode causes our energy to become stagnant and we feel stuck.  Find at least one activity and commit to a daily practice such as qigong, yoga or biking. This helps you feel alive and increases positivity.
  5. Technology:  Commit to “quiet time” and leave the television off, turn off your cell phone, shut down your pc and enjoy the peace of quiet.  Try “old school” activities:  cuddle up with a book, hobby magazine that stirs creativity, and a cup of tea and relax.
  6. Fear:  Emotions of fear cause energy to become dense and heavy.  Once you are aware that you are feeling worried and fearful, take action to release.  Choose to focus on the positive in your life and go for a walk in nature which is grounding, watch a comedy, etc.  Practice a calming, breathing exercise.

Remember to take care of your body by eating well and moving.  Hang out with people that make you laugh and support you.   Play music that uplifts you.  Read books that interest you, and keep company with friends.  Create a home environment that is neat and filled with light and items that you love.  Be thankful the good things.