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Simplify – 2018 Theme

This New Year’s Eve was like no other.  My husband and I were in New Hampshire where temperatures were frigid and there was a minimum of 16″ of snow.  For anyone who knows me I tend to hibernate inside by the fire on these wintry days.  When I saw smoke coming from the old camp in the woods I knew I needed to investigate – cold and snow forgotten I trudged over excitedly.  I hadn’t been in the old camp for a long while.  My husband and I reminisced

about all the memories we had with our family over the years.   As we chatted, the camp went from 10 to 79 degrees.  We decided to have our ritual for the new year later that evening so we kept the fire burning throughout the day for warmth. We headed out at about 7pm, temperature was -9 so we bundled up and luckily  there was no wind and the moon was almost full so we didn’t even need a flashlight.

As part of the ritual we wrote about our hardest struggles during 2017 and let the energy of these struggles release into the fire.  We also discussed what we wanted for 2018, personally and as a couple.  We brought candles over, played some music and sat back and relaxed.  The camp has only the basics so it matched out joint theme to simplify in everyway.  My husband still can’t believe that I actually went along with the adventure which allows me to recognize growth, to recognize my ability to flow and most importantly to have fun.

Of course this sounds easy but we know our old patterns may take us elsewhere.   We  will consciously observe our actions and modify as needed.  We both loved the night and walked back hand in hand, surrounded by nature, connected and filled with love and peace.

What is your theme for 2018?  Do you have a “word” that you want to explore?  Please share or contact me.



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  1. What a great adventure

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