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Chronic Fatique Got You Down? Qigong . . .



Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice designed to balance your energy, invigorate you while at the same time allowing you to be calm.  Statistics showed that there was a reduction in fatigue scores of 39%. See study.

The gentle, slow movements with focus on breath is gaining popularity. Qigong may be done by anyone, at any age and fitness level and you need no equipment.  Find a class or training near you and be amazed at how quickly you can let go of stress and feel peace.

Tangerine Essential Oil: I think I have fallen in love . . .


Here are a few ways to incorporate tangerine essential oil into your day.  It is now one of my favorites!  For those on a path to incorporate natural ways to feel good, try these. For me, it’s easy to grab a drop and place behind my ear before I teach or turn on the diffuser and go about my day.  There are endless ways to integrate them and oh, by the way, I love to share them-everyone seems to appreciate their benefits.  Since the three primary ways to work with essential oils are  inhalation {you will gain their health benefits simply by breathing in their scents}, topical or ingestion, let’s explore these  categories:

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Energy Healing – Why does it feel so good?


Energy healing: Reiki – Meditation – Acupuncture – Yoga – IET – and the list goes on on.  There are so many ways to work with energy and these are just a very few modalities.  Let’s start with the basic definition of energy from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.  Energy or Qi  is the basis of everything in the universe.  It forms all things substantial (we can touch i.e. rocks, books, etc.) and ethereal (things we can’t touch i.e. wind, dreams, etc.). There are two main parts of qi – they are yin/yang.  Yin is dark, moist, feminine, sinking, moon, cold, and night.  Yang is light, dry, masculine, rising, sun, heat and day.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Qigong Movements

Feeling exhausted, drained and perhaps a little stressed out?  Try these 3 ways to boost your energy with Qigong!  These simple qigong exercises with help to move and release stagnant energy so qi flows through your  body freely.   Continue reading

Qigong Flow to Balance and Calm – Try This One!

I don’t know about you, but I think a little qigong “balance and calm” movement is in order!  Trying to flow into Spring with ease seems a bit laughable.  Many of my close tribe members seem to be facing some serious, kickass challenges.  On top of it all, it’s April 1st and snow is falling steadily and the message I get is “you have no control so go with the flow day by day!”  and I think, ya but and then give up because I know it’s true.

Sharing this standing qigong flow is easy and may be practiced daily.  Benefits include:

  • calms the nervous system
  • impacts brain chemistry as you shift your weight
  • increases your energy
  • brings yin/yang energy into right relationship
  • just makes you feel good and happy
  • brings you into present moment with your body, mind and spirit

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