Here are a few ways to incorporate tangerine essential oil into your day.  It is now one of my favorites!  For those on a path to incorporate natural ways to feel good, try these. For me, it’s easy to grab a drop and place behind my ear before I teach or turn on the diffuser and go about my day.  There are endless ways to integrate them and oh, by the way, I love to share them-everyone seems to appreciate their benefits.  Since the three primary ways to work with essential oils are  inhalation {you will gain their health benefits simply by breathing in their scents}, topical or ingestion, let’s explore these  categories:

(1) Inhalation: take a sniff right from the bottle and breathe deeply savoring the aroma  or create a specific spray and mist your home, car or office or simply use in a diffuser.

(2)  Topical: Apply essential oils on your body (except inside ears and eyes). Dilute with carrier oils (coconut, jajoba, almond) and create a scrub or roll on.

(3) Ingestion: Add to your favorite citrus recipes.

Try these simple, fun recipes:

Tangerine Essential Oil Spray

10 drops of tangerine essential oil

Distilled water

2 oz glass spray bottle

Add tangerine essential oil to spray bottle and then fill with distilled water.  Put on spray bottle top and shake well.  Spray wherever your heart desires.


Tangerine Coconut Body Scrub

12 drops of tangerine essential oil

l/2 cup raw sugar

l/2 cup virgin coconut oil

4 oz. glass jar

Mix the sugar, coconut oil, and tangerine essential oil together.  Use this scrub to exfoliate your body.


Tangerine Water

2-3 drops of tangerine essential oil

8 oz. of spring water

ice (if desired)


Add tangerine essential oil to glass, ice and then water.  Mix and enjoy.