Isn’t this the answer everyone seeks? What is my purpose? Am I doing it? Should I change my goals? Once I decide, I go for it and then it changes, sometimes it morphs into busy work or it even shifts, changes and then I feel discontent again.  I realize that what I search for cannot be found in the doing, but in the quiet time when I listen to the voice inside.

When I settle down and ask, hear the answer, follow the guidance (and believe me this also can be a challenge) life  tends to work for me – for my highest and best and my life eases a bit.  On the other hand, when I ask and ignore the answer and plow through, it can get messy and scattered.

Listening to our intuition is key.  We all have different ways to work with our intuition.  It may be a “gut reaction,” a feeling or a knowing.  Here’s what happens to me – I make a clear decision hopefully based on my intuition, take action and honestly think that it’s forever-set in stone.  However, roadblocks appear and my direction curves one way or another taking me down another path, which in reality, is fine.  I have learned to go with the flow (most of the time) and not get stuck.

I realize “to decide what to do with the time that is given us” must also change as does everything in our lives.  My mantra lately is just keep it simple, do the best you can and listen.  Blessings to you all.