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Rose Quartz: A Crystal to Help with Personal Development

Rose quartz is a healing stone for the heart and soothing emotions.  The rose quartz has a gentle, nurturing energy.  Working with this stone for self love and acceptance has many benefits and allows us to be in touch with our true, authentic self.  This stone helps us go deep within and open the heart chakra to give and receive love.

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Energy Healing – Why does it feel so good?


Energy healing: Reiki – Meditation – Acupuncture – Yoga – IET – and the list goes on on.  There are so many ways to work with energy and these are just a very few modalities.  Let’s start with the basic definition of energy from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.  Energy or Qi  is the basis of everything in the universe.  It forms all things substantial (we can touch i.e. rocks, books, etc.) and ethereal (things we can’t touch i.e. wind, dreams, etc.). There are two main parts of qi – they are yin/yang.  Yin is dark, moist, feminine, sinking, moon, cold, and night.  Yang is light, dry, masculine, rising, sun, heat and day.

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Hibernation: What’s it all about?

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Hibernation . . .

Restorative Yoga – Rest, Relax, Renew

You may ask why?  Why do I want to go to a yoga class to rest, to relax and do nothing.  Or you may say, OMG, that is just what I need: no place to go, no one to call, nothing to do!  In this day and age, multi-tasking is an expectation and one that we have become accustomed to, but I ask what is the cost?

The number one visit to the primary care physician today is related to stress.  Stress sits in our body and causes all kinds of interference from anxiety, pain, fear, indigestion,  insomnia and everything in between.  We do not take time to chill out and let go of our phones, tv, or computers for that instant communication (good or bad).

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Being in Nature Heals Us

Everytime I take the time to be in nature I feel like my senses have been reset.  Even during

the coldest of days its important for me to step outside.  Harvard has done studies as have others and the benefits are many.  Just a few: (1) reduction of stress levels, (2) improves physical health, (3) helps with mental health and so much more.  While we work with our bodies for optimum health, a key factor is getting outdoors, connecting with nature, and just enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.  Grab a friend and go for a walk.  Even better, practice qigong or yoga.  On wintry days, find a window so you can gaze outside as you practice.

Simplify – 2018 Theme

This New Year’s Eve was like no other.  My husband and I were in New Hampshire where temperatures were frigid and there was a minimum of 16″ of snow.  For anyone who knows me I tend to hibernate inside by the fire on these wintry days.  When I saw smoke coming from the old camp in the woods I knew I needed to investigate – cold and snow forgotten I trudged over excitedly.  I hadn’t been in the old camp for a long while.  My husband and I reminisced

about all the memories we had with our family over the years.   As we chatted, the camp went from 10 to 79 degrees.  We decided to have our ritual for the new year later that evening so we kept the fire burning throughout the day for warmth. We headed out at about 7pm, temperature was -9 so we bundled up and luckily  there was no wind and the moon was almost full so we didn’t even need a flashlight.

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All that is gold does not glitter . . .

Feel Your Qi – Raise Your Vibration

Check out these simple quick ways to raise your vibration, activate qi flow, loosen your joints, generates new cell growth and let go of worry and stress.  The goal is to relax and gently shake allowing body to relax from top of head to tips of toes.  By relaxing into this shaking practice for 3-5 minutes you will feel more energy/qi through your joints and add in the art of smiling and you lowers blood pressure, boosts your mood and releases endorphins which just make us happy.  This feels a little silly at first so stick with it. Take 30-60 Continue reading

Meditation: Reiki for Peace and Balance

To prepare for this meditation: reiki for peace and balance, find a comfortable position allowing your entire body to relax.  Gently close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath and exhale slowly.  Imagine the energy of heaven above you, becoming aware of the light streaming  through the crown of your head and down your whole body and out your feet into the earth.  Continue breathing slowly for a few breaths noticing how this feels.

Now imagine earth energy flowing up through the center of the soles of your feet and up the body and out the crown of your head towards the heavens.  Inhale and see the strong earth energy flowing up to sky.  Continue to breathe slowly noticing how this feels.

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Three Reflexology Points to Relieve Stress

The breath is a tool we can tap into for calming the nervous system.

A majority of people are going to their primary care physician due to stress and anxiety.  Neck, shoulder and spine issues are common due to lack of movement and may be caused by our addiction to technology devices and other demands in our day to day lives.    Symptoms of stress: Continue reading

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